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Patricia Tennyck

Meals Ministry Leader
You can join our team and serve in a number of capacities (i.e. food preparer and deliverer, food prep only, delivery only). You can also help by donating food and desserts, for our freezer, or financial support. Whether you are an individual or family in need, or interested in joining our team or would like to simply donate, please contact Patti Tennyck at mealsministry@legacywired.com. No culinary degree required, just the desire to serve and please our Savior Jesus with all your heart! The Meals Ministry is designed to provide meals to members of our church body. These "Meals of Mercy" are provided on a temporary basis for those who are sick, recovering from surgery, or experiencing a momentary need. Our goal, through the Lord's guidance and provision, is to bring joy and comfort through physical nourishment which will, in turn, gives our church body the spiritual strength to press onward together. For More information you can call the church office 262-250-0440 or E-mail us: mealsministry@legacywired.com Patti Tennyck // Meals Ministry Leader

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