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Group Life

Group Life Ministry involves gatherings of 6-14 people who meet regularly to explore the intersection of faith and daily life. As we pursue Christ and encounter Him within the small group community, we find that life gains more purpose and fulfillment. Group Life is more than just a social network. They are places where people are encouraged to look, love, and live like Jesus so that they can leave a legacy.


Small Group

(NOT CURRENTLY MEETING) The Roller group meets every other Tuesday from 6:30 – 7:30PM  at Legacy Christian Church in room 101. Masks are not required. They are making their way through the book of Revelation chapter by chapter, taking time to discuss the meaning of the many symbols found throughout. While it is a serious look into His word they do have a lighthearted feel to the group with their main goal being to share their ideas as they make their way through the study. They keep it simple, no snacks or drinks are provided since they only meet for an hour but you are welcome to bring your own. Childcare is not provided. Also, they prefer not to have children there as some of the material they cover could be a bit alarming to little ears.



Small Group

The Stevens group meets every other Tuesday at 6:30PM for about an hour at the church. This group has mixed ages ranging from 20s-80s. When they meet they usually have a quick time of fellowship followed by time where they dig into the book they are reading together. The group stays led by the spirit and may switch topics if they feel a greater need for discussion in other areas or if someone needs prayer. The group occasionally brings snacks to enjoy during their meeting time.

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Small Group

The Rhodebeck group meets on Fridays from 10:00AM -11:30AM at Legacy Christian Church. This group meets every week to discuss the message from the previous Sunday, spend time in prayer and get to know one another. They occasionally go out to eat together, help each other when someone has a need, and try to encourage each other to walk closer to Jesus in their daily walk. They meet together in the building because some are older and the ramp makes it easier to get in and out. Join this group to be encouraged, supported, and challenged to walk closer to Jesus.

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