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Current Series

A Story of Compassion

Join us this Sunday at 9AM for a message from Randy Wheeler titled “A Story of Compassion”! We live in a culture that is experiencing a shortage of compassion. COVID has left most of us on edge, impatient, and self-focused, and it is easy for us to lose sight of the needs around us that God wants us to meet. Jesus told a story one day to challenge us to not only FEEL compassion for those who are hurting, but to DO SOMETHING to meet their need. Join us and let God use this story to move your heart to action.

Atomic Habits - Little Changes, Big Impact

Many of us started 2021 hoping things would be dramatically different from 2020 and were likely disappointed. But some small changes in our habits could truly make a big difference, as they did in the life of the Old Testament prophet, Daniel.

A Host to Healing

Garrett Johnston talks about the healing power of Jesus for us, in us, and through us.